Do you need a new culvert on your property?

To apply for a new culvert, complete the PDF application or complete the online application below.  You will contacted by the Highway Superintendent.

All driveways must have a building permit prior to installation. The property must also have 911 numbers from Schuyler County Emergency Management prior to installation.

Town of Orange Driveway Culvert Permit Application

  1. Applicants are required to pay for culverts at state bid price.                No charge for installation.

  2. Replacing Existing Culvert*
  3. New Culvert*
  4. Is Culvert Marked With Stakes?*
  5. Length of Culvert Requesting*
  6. Your electronic signature attests to the information provided above.

  7. Diameter (to be determined by the Highway Superintendent): _____________________

    Per lineal ft. cost of pipe based on diameter:

    12”--$7.89,  15”--$10.88, 18”--$14.95, 24”--$23.52,  30”--$26.52, 36”--$45.08

    Band Coupler if over 20’ length:

    12”--$13.16, 15”--$21.87, 18”--$37.24, 24”--$52.68, 30”--$121.90, 36”--$170.40

  8. Date Payment Receipt

    Completed by Highway Superintendent

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