Local Law #3 - 1994 - Watershed protection law

The regulatory framework the Schuyler County Watershed Protection Agency (WPA) derives its Policy from is contained wholly or in part from: Schuyler County Local Law #3 of the year 1994 – Watershed Protection Law
While the Regulatory Authority of the WPA is derived exclusively from the Watershed Protection Law and the Tyrone and Orange Wastewater Management Law, the WPA adheres to and integrates the appropriate local and state regulations in order to better serve Schuyler County residents, protect public health and protect water quality.

In order to better implement the WPA’s objectives of protecting public health and protecting water quality, the Schuyler County WPA Online Policy and Procedures has been developed and is integrated into the WPA website. The Online Policy and Procedures will be updated as needed in order to present the most up-to-date information available and to better serve the community. However, due to inherent inefficiency of public postings, the official policy and procedures of the WPA may not be completely reflected in the Online Policy and Procedures. Modifications to policy will be submitted for review, comment and approval by the legislature.

For most situations, the Policy of the WPA is contained within the regulatory framework outlined above. For this reason, the majority of the Policy and Procedures will deal specifically with Procedures. However, where appropriate and necessary the specific Policy of the WPA has been integrated into the Online Policy and Procedures.

For quick reference and ease of use, the Schuyler County WPA Online Policy and Procedures has been divided up into several sections, each pertaining to those activities and services provided through the WPA as they are typically requested by the public.

Additional assistance in understanding and implementing these Policy and Procedures can be provided by contacting the WPA. Prior to contacting the WPA, we encourage you to read through the entire section to help answer any additional questions you may have.